Established in 2016, MID Studio is a boutique interior design and space planning studio, passionate about creativity and cutting edge design.

Bringing ideas to life is at the core of our profession. Together we are a highly skilled team of designers. From start to finish we ensure that every element of the process is carried out to the best of our ability, regardless of budget. From design project management, right through to finishing and installation.

We are a team of designers and project managers. It is our job to translate the idea into a production-ready design and then manage the project through to successful handover. Our dedicated team of designers ensures that you’re project is handled professionally from concept right through to final handover. We’ve built a relationship with key suppliers around the country allowing us to get the best product at a price to suit your budget.


MID studio is founded on belief that interiors transforms the life of the people and he communities. It believes that the quality of our surrounding has a direct influence on the quality of our lives.

MID studio’s core philosophy lies in using simplicity as the essence of good design, while achieving the desired atmosphere for the users to enjoy their experience in side the premises. At the intersection of simplicity and technology comes the innovative design recasting MID studio’s philosophy into a more ground breaking and creative principles.

We collaborate with our clients in every level during the design process to serve their goals. Our clients vision guided with our experience comes in an outstanding result.


In the next future years, MID studio intended to be one of the leading company in the region. An outstanding dedication to clients, we take leadership to a new level by promoting professionalism, balances design, technical capabilities, applied technologies and quality in service. Our duty is to achieve a better build spaces, preserving a specific values in modern context. Our vision is dedicated further to create tomorrows generations of designers to continue the progress and advancement of our company.

MID studio’s mission is to build aesthetically valuable and inspiring designs that enrich the lives of the people and create better world to live in. Participate in shaping the future of the world by creating a safe sustainable livable communities by our design.

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